“Lanthanum” Music Video


“Lanthanum” is a narrative music video featuring the music of Loki, a Jackson-native and cutting edge sound designer and electronic artist. Clay Hardwick and Tre Pepper (Loki) collaborated for the first time when planning for the music video. After a year of shooting on location then green screen capturing, and lengthy post production, the film was completed.

The 6 ½ minute music video premiered to a diverse and large crowd in Jackson on March 7th at Morningbell Records in Fondren after a North Mississippi premiere at the Oxford Film Festival on February 23rd. On April 12th the video was released online for the viewing public just one day after screening at the 2013 Crossroads Film Festival, winning “Audience Award” for Best Music Video.

Adam Collier
Peyton Wofford

Directed, Produced, Edited by
Clay Hardwick

Sound Design & Music by
Loki Music Productions

Joey Gibson
Clay Hardwick

Chandler Ferriss

Production Assistant
Lisa Papale

Bethany Health
Peyton Wofford

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